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Leaders in Quality Construction and Management.

Your project deserves top-notch craftsmanship and a team of knowledgeable construction professionals. Lujano Builders, Inc. delivers all that and more. 

No Matter Your Project, We Have The Team For The Job

During Uncertain Times, Safety Is Our Priority. 

When it comes to construction work — whether a large commercial build, minor home renovation, or public work project — safety should always be put at the forefront. In these uncertain times, Lujano Builders Inc. maintains the highest level of safety on all ends, proudly boasting a pristine record when it comes to OSHA, with ZERO violations or claims. Since 1997, the team has put safety first, both for their crew and the good of their clients.


Their 22+ years of construction knowledge and hands-on experience in project management, residential, and commercial work set Lujano Builders apart from the competition. Offering full-service construction, Lujano Builders has the skillset and know-how to handle all types of work. Based in Northern California, they are one of the region’s leading contractors in project management and general construction. With a commitment to safety and dedication to working proactively and listening attentively to every aspect of their clients’ requests, Lujano Builders provides clients an unmatched level of confidence. Their team carefully reviews and assesses all the requirements, designs, and details involved in every project, ensuring safety is maintained along the way to deliver solutions and construction services that surpass expectations.

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Lujano Builders, Inc. offers comprehensive construction services, from residential applications to public projects to light commercial work. 

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Built Right

Since 1997.

Founded more than two decades ago, Lujano Builders Inc. is a family-owned and operated construction company that truly cares about the quality of service and craftsmanship they provide. They take pride in their integrity, value their honesty, and are dedicated to the excellence of their work — no matter the size of the project. They also know that relationships are built on trust and clear communication, which is why they treat all employees, sub-contractors, and clients with respect and care. 

Lujano Builders isn’t complacent either, constantly seeking to improve their craft, industry knowledge, and general construction skill sets. This is why clients have peace of mind calling on Lujano Builders for the next job as well. Their commitment to safety is complemented by their fierce drive to ensure projects are handled quickly and efficiently. When you choose Lujano Builders, you are choosing a project that is built right. 

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