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Residential Construction Services

Lujano Builders, Inc. is equipped to handle your next residential project. Offering comprehensive construction services since 1997! 

It Starts With The Right Team For The Job
Your home should feel like a sanctuary — but without the right construction team on the job, your next project could turn into a dusty, unfinished, and expensive mess. Lujano Builders understands the value you place on your home, which is why they offer residential construction services you can depend on. Rooted in their commitment to integrity and workmanship, they strive to provide the finest quality home construction services in Northern California.

Skilled in a comprehensive range of residential construction services, just a few examples of their work include:

●    Custom home design and construction 
●    Seismic retrofitting 
●    Grading, concrete and paving 
●    Additions 
●    Remodeling (kitchens, bathrooms, master bedroom suites, etc.) 
●    Foundations
●    Retaining walls 
●    Fine finish carpentry work 
●    Exterior siding and stucco


From the first call to the final piece of the project, they prize clear communication, honest pricing, and timely service.

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Based in the  Bay Area, we offer full-service construction, with over 22 years of knowledge and experience in all types, including home and building lifting, seismic retrofit, soft-story retrofit, loft-style construction, tenant improvements, and public works.

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