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Our Services

Lujano Builders, Inc. provides full-service construction work and management for a variety of commercial, residential, and public work projects, backed by 22+ years of experience and a commitment to superior safety and quality. 

Ensure Your Next Project Is Built Right 
Construction work can have a bit of a bad reputation — constant delays, hidden fees, poorly executed designs. Lujano Builders, Inc. is dedicated to going above and beyond in all of these areas for clients. From the very beginning of the process, they maintain a proactive partnership, getting a clear picture of the building requirements, design vision, and desired timeframe. Their goal is to not only surpass expectations in all of these areas but also to uphold attentive safety measures as a key priority. Without this, projects can quickly become problematic and more costly than anticipated. Their team works hard to demonstrate honesty along the way, showing dedication and integrity in all aspects of their craftsmanship. 

When you work with Lujano Builders, you can be confident they’ll put their decades of experience to work on your behalf. Founded in 1997, they’ve become well-versed in a range of construction work, from custom high-end home designs to public school facilities and apartment buildings. The team can handle everything from the design of architectural plans to completion or be involved in any part of the construction process. Lujano Builders takes great pride in the superior quality of their work while maintaining a timely and tidy work schedule. 

Whether your project is big or small in scale, Lujano Builders is here to become a part of ensuring your dream is built into a reality. 

Providers of The Following Full Service Construction Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Lujano's overall safety record?
    Safety is our number one priority. We are happy to say we do not have any OHSA violations or workman's comp claims.
  • Has Lujano ever been on a construction CSLB dispute, or lawsuit?"
    No. Lujano has never been on a construction CSLB dispute, or lawsuit.
  • Can Lujano work with budgeting, scheduling, and timeframe?"
    With over two decades of experience, Lujano Builders has the experience necessary to accommodate any budget, schedule, and timeframe, within reason.
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