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Commerial Construction Services

Lujano Builders offers premier general construction for commercial projects across Northern California. Get their experience on the job. 

Over Two Decades Of Experince, Superior Results 

Based in the Bay Area, Lujano Builders works on commercial construction throughout Northern California. In addition to handling a variety of general construction services from repairs to remodeling, they offer tailored construction management. 

Types of projects Lujano Builders is equipped to handle for commercial properties:

●    Complete design and build-out 
●    Loft style apartment construction 
●    Tenant improvements 
●    Seismic retrofitting 
●    Custom building additions
●    Concrete, grading, and paving work
●    Community housing projects 
●    Exterior work, including siding and stucco 
●    Foundations 
●    Retaining walls 
●    Fine finish carpentry 
●    Reconstruction 
●    Building maintenance and upgrades 
●    and more!

Employees, sub-contractors, and clients can rest assured knowing Lujano Builders maintains the highest standards throughout every step of the project, including respectful communication, commitment to deadlines, and prioritized safety measures.

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Based in the  Bay Area, we offer full-service construction, with over 22 years of knowledge and experience in all types, including home and building lifting, seismic retrofit, soft-story retrofit, loft-style construction, tenant improvements, and public works.

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